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Best trimmer under 500 in India 2018 | Ultimate Guide

best trimmer under 500rs in indiaAre you tight on budget?

Are you searching for best trimmer under 500rs?

Finally, You are at the right place maybe you have done your research on Flipkart, Amazon or even quora but still not satisfied But trust me I will clear all your doubts and suggest you some of the awesome trimmers which you can buy below 500.

without any useless talk, lets get straight into the list of top trimmers price below

Below are the reviews of best trimmer under 500rs in India 2018

Philips BT1212 Cordless Beard Trimmer

Philips BT1212-15 Beard Trimmer

Brand: Philips

Model: BT1212

Lenght setting :  3 length settings

Battery life: 30 minutes

Warranty: 2 years 

I know we are talking about trimmers which are below 500 but I can’t stop myself to suggest you this philips trimmer because you can get a quality product by just increasing little money.

as we all know Philips is known for its amazing brand value they build quality trimmer which performs very well.

Philips trimmers are famous for its dura technology which helps them last longer than other ordinary trimmers, Philips BT1212 also perform very well, despite being budget device it still last 30 minutes when it is fully charged, Battery takes 8 hours to charge fully. There is battery indicator on trimmer which will help you monitor whether your trimmer is charging or not.

Build quality is pretty solid and Philips gives warranty of 2 years that quite amazing deal for this price point

Blades are made up of high-quality stainless steel which comes with self-sharpening technology, like all Philips trimmers this one also has the rounded end of blades which avoid any irritation on the skin.

Almost all Philips trimmers come with a removable head which makes cleaning very simple and easy, you can just remove the head and wash it out

It also comes with 3 fixed combs 1mm, 5mm, 7mm so you can get 3 length options in this trimmer

There is one drawback that it doesn’t come with charging adapter but you don’t need to worry about it because it comes with USB cable for charging so you can use any adapter or even your laptop for charging the trimmer.


  • Phipls Brand
  • High quality stainless blades
  • Self sharpening technology
  • 30 minutes of Battery


  • Doesn’t comes with charging adaptor

Nova NHT 1091 20 Length Settings Trimmer for Men 

Nova NHT 1091 Trimmer for Men

Brand: Nova

Model: NHT 1091

Lenght setting :  20 length settings

Battery life: 45 minutes

Warranty: Not Mention

When you are low and budget and you still want to buy functional trimmer then Nova is there to serve you, It is like xiaomi of trimmer world which mean it provides good quality on competitive price

Now let’s dig deep into Specification of Nova NHT 1091

Nova NHT 1091 comes with an amazing design it doesn’t look cheap at all and it also has durable build quality.

It comes with long lasting battery life, Nova is also using durapower technology for this product which helps it in getting 45 minutes of Battery time in 10 hours of charging which is enough for shaving multiple times.

Nova NHT 1091 comes with good quality stainless steel blades which can cut beard nicely and accurately, It has rounded end blades which makes it irritation free and skin friendly, Now you can get smooth trim for ages thanks to its self sharpening blades. but you have to take care while trimmer because it comes with high precision blades which can cut your skin if you put extra pressure on the trimmer.

this one is the only trimmer which comes with 20 length setting at this price point, with help of easily adjustable dial you can set length from 0.5mm-20mm (0.5mm  precision)

It comes with attached trimmer stand which will be helpful if you want to store it on a shelf or other surface.


  • 20 length setting options
  • Good design and build quality
  • 45 minutes of battery life
  • Smooth trim with minimum sound


  • Not recommend for sensitive areas

Nova NHT-1045 Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer for Men

Nova NHT-1045 Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer for Men

Brand: Nova

Model: NHT-1045

Lenght setting :  3 length settings

Battery life: 30 minutes

Warranty: 1 year

Nova NHT is really coming at the very low price but it offers great performance in its range and you won’t be disappointed with features that you are getting at this price point.

Nova NHT-1045 is cordless Beard trimmer and if you are getting cordless beard trimmer at this price point

then it’s amazing itself, Now let’s talk about battery how much output does it gives, You can expect 30 minutes of a good performance by just charging 8 hours. The battery is removable and it can be only charged with the provided cable. It has led charge indicator as well.

Trimmer is built with High quality stainless steel blades which provide good trimmer experience but sometimes it is harsh but you can’t complain about performance at this price. it has skin-friendly rounded ends which help us to avoid the irritation.

The trimmer comes with 2 combs with the help of them your Nova NHT 1045 can give 3 options for trimming length 0.25mm , 6mm and 9mm it can help you to change your beard look and length time to time.

It comes with travel pouch as well which can be really helpful when you are traveling and you want to carry your trimmer.

attachments are easily washable which makes it easier to maintain

Nova India provides 12 months of warranty which is really good to have at this price


  • Very affordable pricing
  • Free travel pouch
  • Cordless usage


  • sharpness reduces after using more than 1 year

Nova NHT-1044 Titanium Coated Cordless Trimmer for MenNova NHT-1044 Titanium Coated Cordless Trimmer for Men

Brand: Nova

Model: NHT-1044

Lenght setting :  3 length settings

Battery life: 30 minutes

Warranty: 1 year

Nova NHT-1044 is really aesthetically good looking product I mean just look at it, It has amazing slim design which really feels good in hand and looks wise you can get love at first sight from it,  But we are buying trimmer and beauty of the product is not criteria for us so lets talk about build quality and performance of this trimmer

Nova NHT 1044 is very similar to other budget nova trimmers but the biggest advantage of Nova NHT 1044 is that it comes with high-grade blades which are coated with titanium, blades are sharp and cut hair neatly. End of the blades is rounded so we can get an irritation free skin friendly trimming.

Trimmer comes with 2 combs and it offers 3 lengths that are 0.25mm when combs are detached and 6mm,9mm with 2 different combs attached.

It is a cordless trimmer which comes with a good battery from which you get around 30 minutes of battery time with 8 hours of charging. charge indicator is present in it turns on while trimmer is charging and turn off when it is not charging. and it also has a removable battery as well.

When it comes to maintenance and cleaning it comes with detachable attachments which can be washed very easily. Travel pouch comes free with which makes traveling with trimmer very handy.


  • Titanium coated high-quality blades
  • Beautiful Design
  • Affordable pricing
  • Brand value of Nova


  • The sharpness of blades reduces after long use.(More than one year)

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we have discussed various trimmers which are the best trimmer under 500rs and around 500rs now its your decision which one you want to buy.